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Agarwood Sapling

Up-to-date, there are a total of 21 Aquilaria species recognized and have been recorded and out of these 21 species only 9 to 13 species are reportedly fragrant resin producers, and the status of the remaining species are yet to be investigated and only 3 species are commercially cultivated.


Our Aquilaria saplings range from few species and mainly focus on selling Aquilaria Malaccnesis species as it is one of the highly sought Agarwood species.

The high demand for quality Agarwood in conjunction with the depletion of the wild Aquilaria trees implied that the price of the agarwood will continue to soar. As an alternative, mass cultivation and large plantation of Aquilaria trees which serve as a sustainable source to obtain agarwood will greatly resolve the shortage of agarwood supply in the global market soon.

3 Commonly Cultivated Species

  • Aquilaria Crassna
  • Aquilaria Malaccensis
  • Aquilaria Subintegra
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Aquilaria Crassna seeds