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Our Holistic Approach

Our ambition is to create a sustainable ecosystem for agarwood plantations in Malaysia. To achieve this, our company has outlined our holistic approach based on the 4Rs model which was developed by identifying and managing related risks and opportunities which are fundamental to our continued success in the cultivated agarwood plantation sector. This will enable us to provide a continuous supply of agarwood raw materials and fill the shortage of global agarwood supply which is currently estimated at only 20-30%.

The 4R's

Our long-term commitment through this 4Rs sustainable ecosystem is tackling deforestation and biodiversity loss while ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality cultivated agarwood raw materials, and at the same time stopping the sourcing of agarwood from the wild.  


We use only organic materials in formulating our DATV inoculation vaccine. This includes using organic fertiliser on our plantation sites, and to final processing of our consumer products and raw materials.


Agarwood trees contain beneficial health benefits from its root to their leaves. In DAAS, we utilise each part of the Agarwood trees including its pre and post-production output to achieve an ecological footprint.


Our harvesting is carried out in stages and is done through stages. After harvesting, we will advise plantation owners to replant agarwood trees as one acre of agarwood is known to store 7 tonnes of carbon.


Project H.O.P.E is a corporate social responsibility programme under our company created to undertake projects related to humanitarian missions and to give back to the underprivileged in society. Presently, we are partnering with Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled and The Giving Bank.

"Cherish the Natural world, becasue you're a part of it and you depend on it"

- Sir David Attenborough

Frequently asked questions

Agarwood plantations are known to store 7 tonnes of carbon per acre. Carbon dioxide is naturally released into the atmosphere through respiration and the burning or decomposition of organic matter. At the same time, photosynthesis helps to reduce atmospheric CO2. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat that would otherwise be lost to space. Some of this energy is re-emitted back to Earth, causing additional heating of the planet.

Before we start our project we offer 2 options to the plantation owners. The first option is to plant back the agarwood trees in stages simultaneously as our harvesting progressed. Second option is if the owner would want to continue with other plantations like fast crops, we introduce our partner specialized in fast crops.

Agarwood trees need to be infected with fungus in order for them to produce agarwood oil in the heartwood through a synthesis process. Our company has engineered this inoculation vaccine since the year 2008. The medium used to grow this healthy fungus is 100% organically made with an ingredient such as honey, sugar, etc. We ensure from fertilizer to inoculation vaccine is all made and used using only organic materials.

Agarwood is a threatened species and was initiated into the fraternity of CITES ( The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ) in the year 2004. Due to its high price and demand from all over the world, poachers have taken this opportunity to harvest it illegally from the wild forest. However, according to researchers, not all agarwood trees in the forest contained agarwood resin. This had caused the trees to be an endangered species.