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Who We Are

Our founder Mr.David Liew has been operating under his own efforts and money privately since the year 2008. Throughout 14 years period of his relentless efforts and improvising the bio-vaccine formula together with our in-house inoculation techniques; the efforts paid off when we now are able to maximize per tree agarwood resin production as high as 85%.

With the proven and consistent results from the bio-vaccine inoculation, he has partnered up with Mr.Davidoff Lim to established Dadvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. with the goal to help more existing local Agarwood plantation owners in Malaysia to maximize their Aquilariatrees’ resin production – known as Agarwood.

Currently, our core business model is in the area of bio-vaccine inoculation engineering, and agarwood plantation management. On top of that, our unique business model also is to assist local agarwood planters in terms of inoculation funding because one of the challenges faced in the local agarwood industry is it requires funding to prepare the inoculation bio-serum.

We engineered our bio-vaccine using only organic ingredients and only deployed healthy organic bacteria in order to make sure throughout the infection process, not only the end-products are harmless to a human being, but also at the same time to prevent any unwanted chain-effect to the environment and animals.

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Our company continues our innovation not only in the field of bio-vaccine for inoculation but also in the raw material trading quality and consumer product under our brand name – Nan Yang Chen Xiang. Our goal is to offer a high-quality selection of premium agarwood products to customers at an affordable price so that everyone can be benefited from its traditional healing properties. We challenge the misconception of – Agarwood is only used by the rich.

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Success rate

High yield and quality agarwood resin.

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Disruptive Agarwood Business Model

Our company transforms Agarwood plantations from a risky long-term investment to a medium-term investment through our holistic approach and over a decades of research and development. Over the years our company has helped many Agarwood plantation owners to finally able to achieved magnificent results from their Agarwood trees. Currently, we have more than 10 experienced personnel with a capacity to manage over 10 thousand acres of farm and at the moment, we managed few Agarwood plantations across Malaysia. We also have few closed activity field in processing and Agarwood oil distillation facilities.

Our commitment and proven track records over the years has not only attracted many Agarwood plantation owners and faculty research to collaborate with us, our company has also attracted a few private financial institutions to stand in as our financial backup to further strengthen our position in this industry as this industry is projected to register a 9.2% CAGR (compounded annual growth rates) yearly from 2018 to 2026.

Our company Foundation

Innovation at forefront

Our innovation covers all aspects of divisions from inoculation, product development to management.

Economic contribution

We are proud to say we have successfully uplift rural area Agarwood plantation owners and improve their livelihood.

Sustainable Development

Combat climatic changes and environmental pollution, thriving to attain sustainable green economies.


Practiced transparency throughout our corporation to stakeholders and business partners.


Stakeholder and business partner is our biggest asset. We never will compromise our commitment to them.


Respect, engage, empower our peoples towards better self-development.