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Agarwood Products

We officially launch our Nan Yang Chen Xiang Premium Agarwood incense in early July 2020 and had achieved a massive demand from the Malaysian market. As of early September 2020, we have achieved a sales volume beyond our expectation based on the factor of customer acquisition cost VS product sales. We also partnered up with a few reputable online distributors and within 2 months of introducing our “Retailing Partner Program,” we had sold more than 5000 boxes.

nan yan chen xiang

Moving in perfume, essence oil and jewellery industry is our paramount goal because this three industries is a highly valuable industry.

Currently, our Nan Yang Chen Xiang brand name and positioning are on the right track and we are still improvising our product range to expand into our next market which is China, Japan, and Taiwan. That said, in our products’ blueprint, we want to expand into the fragrance, essence oil, and jewelry industry which we outline below and our goal is to achieve it in 5 years’ time.