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Aquilaria trees or know as Agarwood is a precious commodity found only in the Aquilaria trees native to Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. Though Aquilaria can grow on a wide range of soils, including poor sandy soil, it still requires strict attention and care during its juvenile stage.

agarwood tree planting

Aquilaria trees can grow fast in areas with adequate moisture and with proper attention and fertilization it can achieve 10 cm DBH in 4 to 6 years.

Its seedlings require a great deal of shade and water but will grow rapidly as early as four years old and by then it will start to produce flowers and seeds. However, the are many other external threats throughout the four years such as wild animal attacks, unwanted diseases, etc.

Holistic and sustainable management

To manage an Agarwood plantation requires certain skills and knowledge. Agarwood’s juvenile or at their early stage requires extra care and after the inoculation stage, they are highly exposed to thief due to its price in the market that can fetch up to thousand of dollars.

Currently, we are managing over 10,000 Aquilaria or Agarwood trees in Malaysia