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Anti-Corruption Policy

DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Is committed to conducting its Agarwood plantation business with transparency and integrity aligned with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (MACCA), which came into force on 1st January 2009. 

In line with that commitment, Dadvance Agarwood Sdn. Bhd. Has developed its Anti-Corruption, Gifts and Entertainment Guidelines. As an Agarwood inoculation service provides, you must comply with the terms of this document for your activities involving DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 

1. Our commitment to Anti-Corruption Policy. 

DAdvance Agarwood solutions Sdn. Bhd. Are committed to conducting business dealings with transparency and integrity and that means we are committed to avoiding practices of bribery and corruption of all forms in the company’s daily operations. We take a strong stance against all forms of bribery and corruption. Employees, representatives, and those who associated with DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Who participates in such activities may result in the Company losing its business or not achieving its target. The company will take strict action including legal actions to those who refuse to adhere to our Company’s Anti-Corruption practice. 

2. Objective 

This policy is to maneuver Company’s position on bribery in all its forms and matters of corruption that might confront the Company in its daily operations. 

3. Scope
This policy applies to all employees including the Company board of directors, the Company’s representatives and agents, farmers, and those associated with DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 


4.1. Bribery Bribery is defined as any action which would be considered as an offense of giving or receiving “gratification” ruled out by MACCA. This means an individual is taking actions such as offering, receiving, or soliciting something of value in an attempt to illicitly influence the decision or actions of a person in a position of trust within an organization. “Gratification” in MACCA definition: (a) Money, donation, gift, loan, fee, reward, valuable security, property or interest in the property is the property of any description whether movable or immovable, financial benefits, or any other similar advantage; (b) Any payment, release discharge, or liquidation of any loan, obligation, or other liability, whether in whole or in part; 

(c) Any office, dignity, employment, contract of employment or services, and agreement to give employment or render services in any capacity; 

(d) Any valuable consideration of any kind, any discount, commission, rebate, bonus, deduction, or percentage; 

(e) Services or favor of any description, including protection from any penalty and forbearance to demand any money or money’s a worth or valuable thing. 

Bribery also includes when someone acting on behalf of the Company in an attempt to influence the actions of someone external such as a Government representative and client. It also involves where an external party is attempting to influence someone within the company such as the Company’s decision-maker or someone with access to confidential information. 

4.2. Associate 

An external party with whom the organization has, or plans to establish, some form of a business relationship which includes: clients, representatives, outsourcing providers, consultants, employees, the board of directors, joint venture partners, and investors. 

4.3. Corruption 

Under the MACCA definitions of corruption as stated under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 – Corruption may also include acts of extortion, collusion, breach of trust, abuse of power, trading under the influence, embezzlement, fraud, or money laundering. 

4.4. Conflict of Interest 

When a person’s own interest either influence, have the potential to influence or are perceived to influence their decision making of the Company. 

4.5. Donations and Sponsorship 

Charitable contributions and sponsorship payments made to support a body, NGO, or the community. This includes political donations. 

4.6. Facilitation Payments

Must never make or use third parties to make an unofficial payment in order to secure or expedite routine administrative actions, such as customs clearances, visas, permits, or licenses. 

Please report any suspected instances of corruption or attempted corruption in matters or dealing relating to DAdvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. And we will attend to this matter urgently. 

Email us at cs.dadvanceagarwood@gmail.com