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Crafted from the finest agarwood resin

Nan Yang Chen Xiang is a brand name under Dadvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd. focus on end-user products for the retail segment. “Nan Yang” means “South East Asia” and “Chen Xiang” means Agarwood in Chinese. The reason we use Nan Yang Chen Xiang is that Agarwood can only be found in Southeast Asia countries and its roots are deeply connected with the Asian community. Within 5 years’ time, we hope our products can be known to the international market with varieties of the product range.

  • High-quality agarwood products at an affordable price.
  • Everyone now can explore Agarwood traditional healing properties.

Currently, our Nan Yang Chen Xiang brand name and positioning are on the right track and we are still expanding our product range to expand into markets like China, Japan, and Taiwan. In our products’ blueprint, we will expand into the fragrance, essence oil, and jewelry industry. By entering into a new product segment, we are able to capture a higher level of audiences and expand into other countries. Currently, our product has been sold to Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

Our Brand Purpose

“to unlock the full potential of Agarwood’s healing properties and reconcile it into the modern living.”

Nan Yang Chen Xiang Premium Agarwood Incense

Selected from the finest agarwood resin and the quality of our premium agarwood incense including its smell is crafted from our years of experience of understanding what type of agarwood incense that customers want.

  • 100% organic and safe fo health
  • Less smoke but with a strong agarwood fragrance
  • SGS certified

Agarwood Incense Benefits:

Help to relax, dispel tiredness, sorrow, reduce stress, tired, and promote sleep. Deeply relaxing and calming, promotes concentration, organize scattered thoughts, and overcome intellectual fatigues.

Your Trusted Natural Cultivated Agarwood Brand

Nan Yang Chen Xiang Premium Kynam Agarwood Tea

Premium Kynam Agarwood Tea by Nan Yang Chen Xiang – Kynam is a species from the Aquilaria tree that produces agarwood. It is also known as the “KING OF THE AGARWOOD”
Plucked from Kynam trees with its origins came through a grafting process from a 60 years old trees. Through this we are able to preserve its genes and revitalize its aroma for modern generations of tea lovers.
Roasted by the second generation of tea roasters through traditional hand roasting technique to preserve kynam nutrient and health values which has been consumed for hundreds of years.
As the saying goes “the longer the tea leaf the more value and the rich aromatic taste it has”.
Natural Detoxification, Relaxation Effect on the Whole Mind and Body, Healthy, Disease Free, and Glowing Skin, Improvement of the Blood Flow,  Stabilizes the Blood Sugar, Cleanses the Digestive System, Respiratory Relief from General Troubles, Aids in Sleep and Rejuvenation.
nan yang chen xiang agarwood oil

Nan Yang Chen Xiang Premium Agarwood Oil

Agarwood oil or also known as oud oil has famed the world for centuries for its enticing earthy fragrance. Agarwood essential oil is obtained from the agarwood resin through the oil distillation process which took weeks to extract and process.

Nan Yang Chen Xiang Premium Agarwood oil is 100% pure and natural and is extracted from our own agarwood plantation farm in Malaysia. Our agarwood oil is selected only from the finest agarwood grade and needs to go through a strict selection stage before it can pass through to the final oil extraction process.


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