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The agarwood industry is an industry that is mainly ventured either by the wealthy individuals or the seasonal agarwood planters who are mainly made up from the early adopter for agarwood plantation back in the early 80s’. In countries like China, United Emirates, Taiwan, Japan, etc. agarwood is a synonym with their culture. In fact, from random research we conducted in 2019, we found out that out of 50 participants we met, almost 80% heard about agarwood but don’t know how this industry works, where else the rest 20% is made up of two groups. One is those who are struggling to maximize their agarwood resin formation and the second is those who don’t have the capital to proceed with inoculation service.

At the moment our company is not only bridging the public to Agarwood plantation but at the same time, we also open up the door of opportunity to those who are interested in the agarwood industry to gain access into this lucrative industry. Since our inception in the year 2019 after 12 years of hard work and research, we finally open up this door to the public who wish to venture into this industry.


The important role in this Agarwood industry is the Bio-Serum Technology for inoculation and this is vital to ensure each tree is able to produce a maximum agarwood resin.

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