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Our company offers an opportunity and welcome individuals who wish to explore and expand their clients’ wealth portfolio into the Agarwood plantation industry. Whether you’re in the insurance industry, real estate, financial industry, and other related industry, we believe that wealth portfolio diversification is important when it comes to managing your clients’ wealth and to minimize the risk.

Given the current challenging time and uncertainty in the world’s economy, agarwood is absolutely one of the portfolios that should be highly considered as it is considered as a “hard asset” and is an excellent hedge against inflation due to the reason that agarwood price is uncorrelated with global equities.

Agarwood is solely dependable on supply VS Demand. With that said, given the current global supply that only stands at 10% – 20% to cater to international market demand which makes Agarwood is one of the assets with a prosperous long-term outlook.

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Our Company offers a career growth opportunity in this lucrative industry, most importantly is our unique business model and proprietary bio-serum engineering for inoculation are able to minimize the risk associated with agarwood industry and to provide greater returns.


Our Company is like a big family and we are looking for people who can complete our values, pride, and reputation as one of our relatives. Welcome to Dadvance Agarwood Solutions Sdn. Bhd!

Ready to grow your career into this niche and lucrative industry?